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Cookie Cups with Greek Yogurt
Cookie Cups with Greek Yogurt

Ingredients Serves 1

1 cup Epigamia Mango Greek Yogurt
1 cup
Epigamia Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt
1 cup Epigamia Blueberry Greek Yogurt
For garnish
Redcurrants, Figs, Granola, chia seeds, and almond shavings

Directions: Prep Time 5 min

Step 1 Pack balls of chilled cookie dough into the cookie shot mould. Press the inserts into the centre of each mould. Leave the inserts in place and scrape the excess cookie dough away.
Step 2 Bake for 20 to 22 minutes. Halfway through the baking time, use an oven mitt and push the inserts down again.

Step 3

When the baking time is finished, let the cookie shots cool for a few minutes.

Step 4

While the cookie shots are still warm and with the inserts still in place, scrape away the excess cookie dough that expanded out of the mould while baking. Now let the cookie dough cool completely.
Step 5 Once the cookie dough is cool, twist the inserts and lift them out of the mould.

Step 6

Add Epigamia Flavoured Greek Yogurt into the cups (we used Mango, Blueberry & Vanilla Bean) and serve.

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